Complete Guide to the Safety of Using an Outdoor Heater

Domenic Williams
Complete Guide to the Safety of Using an Outdoor Heater

We are heading to that time of the year when everyone in Dubai will seek ways to remain warm by purchasing heaters from shops such as SORS General Trading LLC. If you have an outdoor heater installed at your home, it is essential to know the guidelines for using an outdoor heater before operating them. When handled well, these are safe to use, saves energy and money.

Safety Tips

Outdoor heaters can make the coldest evenings the warmest ever. But because they release a lot of heat, they can be extremely dangerous if you do not follow some crucial steps. An outdoor heater may be powered using electricity or by gas. So, the inbuilt features are excellent. Usually, electric heaters tend to be safer because they aren’t dependent on an open flame. Nonetheless, they can still wreak havoc, just like other models, if you do not take measures to ensure safety.

Fuel Safety

Outdoor heaters are available in several fuel types. Each type has its own merits and demerits as far as operational safety is concerned. Upright outdoor heaters feature fuel that has two types of fuel: propane and natural gas. Because gas is highly combustible, you should be careful when dealing with valves and tanks to reduce damage and leaks.

Outdoor heaters that are powered by propane are highly preferable. However, you must always ensure the gas tank valve is tightly sealed to make sure the heater is working effectively and is safe. If you have an extra storage tank, keep it away from heater places and open flames. When you change the gas tank, ensures the hoses and valves don’t have any leaks. Use soapy water on them to check if there are any bubbles.

Weather Protection

Of course, outdoor heaters are intended for the outdoors during the cold season. Widely used heaters are made with a weather-resistant coating. However, the wind is the number one enemy of outdoor heaters.

Thin-bodied units can easily be knocked down by the wind, more so domed heaters. To safeguard your unit, use weights to support it or put it in an area with little to no exposure.

Also, wind compromises the performance of an outdoor heater. Your unit will require more fuel if it is exposed directly to the wind. So, to avoid overworking the machine, shy it away from the wind as far as possible.

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