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Dental Implant

Get Dental Implants in Dubai From Experts!

At Kamilia Polyclinc, we have an in-house Department of Dentistry that provides high-quality general dentistry and cosmetic dentistry services to all patients. Our specialists have years of experience providing same day implants in Dubai which helps ensure our patients get the highest level of quality and standard for restoring the beauty of their smiles.

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Smile With Same Day Implants In Dubai From Kamilia Polyclinic

A dental implant is designed to imitate the natural look, feel and function of teeth, making it an ideal and long-lasting solution for missing teeth caused by gum disease, injury, or other reasons. If you’re considering getting implants, here are more of its benefits over other tooth replacements:

    • Permanency – Implants are permanently attached to the jaw bone, which means they do not get loose and they cannot be removed. This gives patients confidence and peace of mind as they know that their implants will not accidentally fall off, unlike with dentures.
    • Lifetime use – With good oral hygiene practices and regular visits to your dentist, the quality of your dental implants can be preserved for a lifetime.
    • Customised approach – A dental implant is made to match the colour, size and overall appearance of a person’s existing natural teeth, in order to achieve a natural look and feel.
    • Comfort and convenience – Because an implant feels and functions just like normal teeth, a person may resume eating and drink like they normally do.
    • Reasonable cost – Dental implant cost depends on the extent of work needed to be done. Because implants can last a lifetime, patients don’t need to worry about the cost of replacing their implant as long as they take good care of it.

Consult with our dental implant specialist to know if these are right for you

Our specialists will first asses your oral health condition to determine if getting an implant is the best option for you. The health of your jawbone will be given particular attention, as it should be healthy and contain enough mass to hold the implant/s. We will also examine your dental needs and goals for undergoing the procedure, and we will walk you through the complete process so you can make an informed decision regarding the procedure, and to enable you to fully prepare for it.

Patients looking for the cheapest dental implant in Al Barsha can schedule an appointment with our specialist. Kamilia Polyclinic accepts a variety of health insurance and offers flexible payment terms. You may also check our current promotions to get our affordably priced service offerings.