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Your Cosmetic Dentist in Dubai

Looking for a way to improve the look of your smile? Need an emergency dentist to address chronic toothache?
Kamilia Polyclinic is home to some of the top dental experts in the city.
Find a trusted cosmetic dentist in Dubai here at Kamilia Polyclinic, and realise your dreams of a brighter and more beautiful smile today!

The latest laser technology to meet your cosmetic dentistry needs

We at Kamilia Polyclinic make use of the latest advancements in laser technology and dentistry in order to achieve unparalleled cosmetic changes, while also reducing the need for anaesthetics and recovery time. Compared to traditional approaches, our laser-based methodology enables non-invasive and pain-free procedures. Laser technology allows us to increase our accuracy and precision in various operations, while also preserving the integrity of healthy tissue.

As a result, the likelihood of swelling and bleeding post-op is significantly reduced, translating to fewer visits to the dentist afterwards. Overall, our technologically advanced equipment helps us deliver a higher standard of treatment, faster and more consistently. In addition to our laser technology, we have a team of brilliant dental experts who can provide experience-based insight on a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, to ensure that we deliver the best results possible. Whether you need the expertise of a cosmetic dentist for brighter, whiter teeth, or you are in need of an emergency dental health expert to tend to your dental health, our team is more than ready to assist you.

VEnsure Your Oral Health Today!

Our complete dental clinic can be found on the 9th Floor of Damac Executive Heights Building, Tecom, Dubai. You can talk to one of our staff today by calling us at 04 450 8900 / 050 1600361. You can also email us directly with your queries at worldhealthcentre@hotmail.com.