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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile Makeover in Dubai

At Kamilia Polyclinic, our Department of Dentistry is committed to giving each and every patient the confidence to smile without worries. With the expertise of our dentists, smiling like a celebrity is no longer just a dream – you can make it a reality! Let our experts help you realise your dream today.

Our Hollywood Smile Clinic In Dubai Is Fully Equipped To Give You The Highest Level Of Cosmetic Dental Service

Our makeover procedure takes on a tailored and holistic approach to enhancing smiles. This means the treatment will be designed in a way that addresses all the dental issues a patient may have, be it discoloured teeth, broken tooth, gapped teeth, or misaligned teeth. If you’re considering this procedure, here are the benefits you can enjoy after the complete makeover:

    • Perfectly aligned teeth – The procedure involves teeth alignment to give patients a beautiful straight smile. The specialist may recommend use of veneer braces or orthodontic braces, depending on your preferences and the severity of your teeth misalignment.
    • Naturally white teeth – The treatment involves teeth whitening and/or bleaching, allowing patients to have a stunning set of pearly whites. This process removes surface stains and any tooth discolouration, and will brighten your teeth to your ideal shade.
    • Permanent tooth replacements – If you’ve chipped, broken or lost a tooth before, don’t worry because this procedure involves replacing these teeth with custom-made dental veneers. The process is meant to restore not just the beauty of your smile, but also the function of your teeth.
    • Healthy looking gums – Patients with darkened or discoloured gums can benefit from the all-inclusive benefits of a Hollywood smile procedure, as it includes gum depigmentation, which lightens the gums or removes blackened spots and patches.

Set An Appointment At Our Hollywood Smile Dental Clinic In Dubai

Consult with our cosmetic dentistry specialist to know more about the treatment and what procedures will be involved in your case. We have easily accessible branches in Tecom and Deira so you can drop by at the clinic closest to you. To make an appointment, please give us a call at 04 450 8900 / 050 1600361.

Make your ideal smile an everyday reality at Kamilia Polyclinic.