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Dr. Luliia Borshchevskaia

Dr. Iuliia Borshchevskaia is a Russian Dentist, She holds a BD Degree in General Dentistry from Tver State Medical Academy since 2010, followed by a training in General Dentistry from Moscow regional Research Clinical Institute (MONIKI)-In Moscow/Russia.

Dr.Iuliia has more than 5 years’ experience in General Dentistry field.
She joined one of the biggest clinical dentistry in Moscow as a general dentist for more than 3 years where she practiced modern technologies in dental treatment
She holds a DHA license since the past two years as a general dentist where she joined one of the private clinic in Dubai
Dr.Iuliia is a dynamic, accomplished and talented Dental professional with extensive knowledge of dental processes

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered
  • The modern processing treatment methods of root canals like (Step back, crown down, using manual and powered instruments like Protaper, M-two).
  • Sealing canals (gutta-percha way to the lateral condensation, temporary filling canals paste on the basis of calcium hydroxide).
  • Apply topical treatments and fissure sealants
  • Professional oral hygiene by using ultrasonic devices like Piezon- Master 400, Air flow
  • Aesthetic restoration of all groups’ dental composites of the light and dual mechanism of curing, including the use of sandwich technology
  • Complete periodontal examination and monitor periodontal disease