What is the Right Way of Storing Gas Cylinders?

Domenic Williams

Gas cylinders are things that need to be handled with care and they can’t just be kept in just any random place, you need to keep them well and properly to avoid hazards from occurring. A gas cylinder can be weakened when exposed to heat, dropped, or tipped over, a crack can be formed which can lead to an explosion. One thing we Abbas Gas has noticed is that people make mistakes when it comes to gas and just store them however they like without doing a little research on how to properly keep their gas cylinders laying down, or just allow it fall and dent the cylinder, and that is why we want to provide people with more information on how to properly store your gas cylinder and avoid hazards.

Store Away from Combustible Materials

When storing your gas cylinders, make sure it at least 20 feet away from any combustible material, and placed in a dry and ventilated area. They should also be kept away from electric circuits, heat, and should not be exposed to cars.

Keep the Valves Closed

Always make sure the valves are properly and tightly closed, and it is advisable for you to get a protective device, and if you already have one, ensure it is well secured.

Avoid Storing Cylinders in Lockers

This can lead to a build-up of gases which could lead to an explosion.

Store Properly

There are different types of gas cylinders with different content, so it important that you know this and keep the different cylinders differently. Oxygen cylinders should be kept away from fuel gas cylinders. When storing your cylinder make sure it is kept upright with a chain to properly secure it. Empty cylinders should be kept away from full cylinders.

Place Warning Signs

Proper warning signs should be used and installed in the place where the gas cylinders are stored to help notify people.

In Conclusion

These few points could help you avoid dangerous hazards that could occur from not properly storing your gas cylinders. If you want to know more about gas cylinders and more preventive measures that could be made when storing, installing, or just generally handling a gas cylinder. You could learn a lot more on gas cylinders and how to stay safe around them, and how to avoid damaging your gas cylinder.

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